When the Church gathers, it is not to consume a religious product. We are not called to the high art of sacred theater where we sit by as spectators while worship is served up to us, hot and tasty. When God's community gathers, we are entering an experience, we are coming - together - to speak to and hear from and bow before our God. These experiences are important to us because we care deeply about the Gospel, the message that God has come to us in Jesus and invites all of us into the story.

If you are in the place of just wanting to explore the possibilities of faith, this experience is for you too. Feel it. Taste it. Wonder if the stories told and the faith embraced might be true. What follows is intended to give instruction and context to the worship rhythms of Carlisle BIC, the ways we all - regardless of where we are on the spiritual path - are able to encounter Jesus and his story. Dive in.

Presently we offer three different worship gatherings in two different rooms; each room with its own ethos. Each gathering has live worship and a relevant Bible-based message. The teaching portion may be live or connected via video simulcast to one of our other worship gatherings.

In this gathering we use more modern worship styles, forms and instrumentation, but with an openness to some of the meaningful elements of traditional worship.

In this gathering we use more traditional styles, forms and instrumentation, but with an openness to some of the innovations of contemporary worship.

In this gathering (which meets in the Sanctuary) we use a combination of modern and traditional worship styles with acoustic instrumentation.